IT: 2m
IT: conj
IT: enit –
IT: it –
IT: iten –
IT: zxc – Vocabolario
IT: lavagna – la lavagna
IT: uiv1 – uiv
IT: uiv2 – uiv podcast
IT: uiv3 – uiv diario di bordo

🚲 ke – Kew Gdns stn east
🚲 kw – Kew Gdns stn west
🚲 r68 – Kew Retail Pk to R’mond

UTIL: dr – Gdrive
UTIL: d – Gdocs
UTIL: s – Gsheets
UTIL: y – YouTube
WEB: cn – chrisnewport
WEB: ttb – libro piΓΉ letto

VOICE: v – Hi-Q
☁ wl – London
☁ wm – Minehead
GEN: a – Cranmer
GEN: z – zh
GEN: te – daily telegraph
GEN: kew – kew gdns
GEN: h – directory (home)

edit scratchpad…

(xxxxx.xxxxxxx / R****nn.)

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